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grilling outdoors

5 Ways to Enjoy Outdoor Cooking this Summer

Whether you are a seasoned chef or looking to find some new ways to make your cooking routine more fun, preparing food outdoors is a great way to get some sunshine, try new dishes, and connect with family and friends.

At the Open Door Kitchen we believe everything is better outdoors, especially food.

In this article we will discuss five ways you discuss how you can take your cooking outside.

Get your grill on.

Nothing says summer like the grill! Whether you heat up your grill in the backyard or bring a portable BBQ to the beach or outside of a football game, grilling is a fun way to enjoy cooking while socializing with friends at the same time. Plus, you’ll probably get some delicious food out of it!

Here are some of our favorite grilling ideas:

  • Meat skewers
  • Burgers and hot dogs
  • Grilled vegetables and fruits
  • Steaks

Invest in a wood oven

Looking for a beautiful and tasty way to upgrade your backyard? Consider a wood oven. These beautiful cooking appliances are for far more than delicious, fresh pizzas, you can also make roasted vegetables, fresh bread, tender meat, fish, flat breads, and so many more dishes that are sure to WOW your guests.

Skip the trip to Italy and enjoy an explosion of flavor in your backyard with family and friends.

Slow Cook to Perfection

While you might think of your slow cooker as the thing to use for winter comfort foods like soup, it is just as useful for summer! How about this BBQ pulled pork for an easy dinner you can enjoy on the patio with the family? Sounds like a perfect summer night to us.

Have a bonfire

Gather around the fire for food and fun. Whether you have a firepit in your backyard, make a campfire, or head to the beach for a bonfire, you can make a lot more than just smores with a bonfire.

Some delicious bonfire foods include hotdogs, kebabs, fruit, corn on the cob, and potatoes.

Enjoy a picnic

We think a picnic is a perfect way to enjoy the sunshine with the people you love. Pack your favorite cold cuts, snacks, some drinks, and enjoy! A simple activity that is delicious and fun.

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Utensils

While we love summer and the outdoors, with the warmth comes bugs who love to snack on your food just as much as you do! Enjoy your meals without having to worry about bugs, dirt, or other environmental factors dirtying your delicious food with our products designed to keep your dishes protected.

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