Eat With Confidence

Striving to make not covering our food and serving utensils unimaginable.

Enjoy The Benefits

Flies are notorious for ruining our outdoor events. Our products are designed to prevent them from landing on your spoons, spatulas, other serving tools, and food.
Stops Fly & Pest Contamination

Protect your food and serving utensils from flies and other outdoor pests.

Enjoy The Party

Forget about wasting time and energy manually protecting food with our secure coverings.

Promote Public Health

Our coverings are more reliable and environmentally sustainable than foils, films, and flimsy lids. 

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Focus On What Matters

Make the most of mealtime by keeping the attention where it belongs: on family and friends.

  • Eat with Confidence

    Flies are notorious for ruining our outdoor events. Our products are designed to prevent flies from directly landing on your serving utensils, grill spatula, and other serving tools.

  • Enjoy The Outdoors Again

    Snap your utensil holder on and enjoy your time outdoors without the distraction of pests ruining your experience.

  • Get Back To What's Important

    This is story text about spending more time with family and friends thanks to the product.

Perfect for Outdoor Gatherings

Our holders and lids are the perfect addition to your next outdoor gathering, whether you’re hosting a small get-together or throwing a big bash. Keep your food and serving utensils fresh, safe, and secure. Your guests will thank you. 

Specially Designed

Snap your container on, seal your utensil inside, and enjoy your time outdoors without the distraction of pests.

  • 360-Degree Cover

    Completely encloses your serving utensils for maximum protection

  • Tight Seal

    Keeps pests from getting inside the covering and contaminating utensils

  • Dishwasher Safe

    Cut down on cleanup time after your event

  • One Size Fits All

    Accomadates a variety of large and small utensils


The Open Door Kitchen is the parent company of SoFlyware